programs for
Age Youth


The Clinic Partners Program partners with SF youth mental health clinics to provide OT
(and sometimes psychotherapy and/or case management) to youth who have a
mental health diagnosis and Medi-Cal coverage. Services are youth-centered, and provided across a variety of community-based settings - school, home, clinic, community - according to each young person's needs and interests.


The School-Based Program at OTTP-SF provides mental health services to youth with Medi-Cal insurance in San Francisco. Services are tailored to each student's needs and desires, and include individual occupational therapy and/or psychotherapy, ERMHS, case management, collateral and family support, family therapy, and psychiatric support with our nurse practitioner. The bulk of services under this program are provided in-school, however, based on the client's preferences and goals, services can be provided in the home or the community as well.


The Wraparound Program is an intensive strengths-based and family-centered mental health services program lasting 12-18 months. It includes support from a Care Coordinator, an Occupational Therapist, a Psychotherapist, a Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.


OTTP collaborates with Buena Vista Horace Mann School by providing linkage to resources for families that have difficulty accessing services. School staff identify families and refer them for an individualized assessment to determine the needs of each family. Then a multidisciplinary team links them to resources and provides 1:1 support so they can access services.

Family Mosaic Project

OTTP provides OT services to youth served by the Family Mosaic Project (FMP), which is the SF County Wraparound Program for youth age 5-18. OTs engage youth in activities to identify and explore their unique strengths, interests, and values within the school, home, and community settings.


OTTP provides OT and/or psychotherapy support for students identified by teachers and/or school staff at Longfellow Elementary School as needing socio-emotional support. This program is funded by a private grant from the school.

Summer Skate Club

OTTP provides OT services in collaboration with the SF Skate Club Summer Skate Camp. The camp serves youth ages 7-15 and employs teens to serve as skate instructors and camp counselors. OTs enhance the program by promoting social engagement and participation in a variety of activities.

Lincoln Families

Lincoln Families in the East Bay contracts OTTP for OT services to address social emotional needs of students in two elementary schools in Oakland. OTs provide individual and group services at Laurel Elementary School in addition to being embedded in one Special Day Class at OAK Academy.

SOAR Academy

SOAR Academy is SFUSD’s special education program supporting elementary and middle school students with social, emotional, and behavioral needs. Students in the SOAR Academy programs must qualify for special education services and have intensive behavioral and/or mental health needs that significantly impact their ability to thrive in less restrictive learning environments. OTTP provides individual and group psychotherapy and mental health OT services to assist students in meeting their goals of moving back into a general education classroom.