PAST programs

A History of outstanding Service

Secondary prevention

secondary prevention & Case management  

2011 - 2018

OTTP offered the following services from 2011 - 2018:


The Secondary Prevention Program provides Occupational Therapy and Case Management services to youth within a small group setting in schools and the community. Youth are engaged in an activity-based assessment of their strengths, interests, learning style, values, aptitudes and career personality. Upon completion, the youth make a personal presentation of thier self-discoveries to meaningful people in their lives. Additionally, youth are engaged in activities to build skills in: Identifying unique skills and talents | Developing self-awareness | Setting goals | Assertive communication | Coping strategies | Vocational / educational exploration and readiness | Accessing community resources

Comprehensive services include: 
Case Management services to connect the youth to community resources that meet their needs.

Who We Serve
Youth between the ages of 10 and 22 who are experiencing barriers to successful engagement in their life roles. These challenges include: Learning, social, and/or emotional disabilities | Mental health challenges | Developmental delays | Economically disadvantaged

To promote function, quality of life, and successful engagement in life roles 

Our Team
Staff is comprised of licensed occupational therapists with expertise in social and biological sciences, clinical social workers, and therapists that specialize in child, adolescent and family mental health. Our staff work as a cohesive team to holistically address the needs of our youth.

The Violence Prevention Initiative Local Action Plan of the SF Department of Children Youth and Their Families


juvenile justice

detention services at sF juvenile justice center 

& log cabin ranch - 2002 - 2018

OTTP offered the following services from 2002 - 2018, and continues to work with youth on detention through internal fundraising efforts:

Youth in Detention 
OTTP currently provides occupation therapy sessions to the youth detained on units 2, 6 &7  in juvenile hall for the duration of their detainment. OTTP’s interventions are delivered in group session format, and focus on those life skills that are essential components of healthy development, including social, cognitive and emotional coping skills. In addition, specific independent living skills and pre-vocational readiness skills necessary for self-sufficiency are learned and practiced within a warm, supportive environment.  
Log Cabin Ranch
OTTP serves detained youth at Log Cabin Ranch (LCR) who have been sent for treatment and rehabilitation.  OTTP conducts occupational therapy assessments and makes aftercare recommendations to the treatment team.  Upon discharge, OTTP collaborates with other community based organizations to increase the likelihood for successful transition from LCR to the community.



youth workforce development

2013 - 2018


OTTP offered the following services from 2013 - 2018:

Who We Serve
Ages 14-21; San Francisco resident; on probation; working toward or have obtained a high school diploma or GED

The YWD program helps prepare youth with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences that will prepare them for the world of work, including job readiness training, paid work-based learning opportunities, educational and post-secondary support and transition services. 

Our Team 
Staff is comprised of licensed occupational therapists that specialize in child adolescent and family mental health. We are partnered with adult and juvenile deputy probation officers, youth health and wellness providers and community based organizations to collaboratively and holistically address the needs of youth.

San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) - Community Behavioral Health Services  |  Department of Children, Youth and Their Families (DCYF)

Community Based Organizations
Youth get paid to improve work skills with one of these agencies: 
Communities in Harmony Advocating for Learning and Kids (CHALK)  |  Horizons Unlimited  |  Hunters Point Family  |  Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP) / Jewish Vocational Services (JVS)  |  New Door Ventures  |  Old Skool Cafe  |  Young Community Developers

Referral Process

To participate, youth must be referred to the YWD program by a supervising probation officer.