programs for
age Youth (TAY)


The Employment Program helps youth (ages 15-24) obtain and maintain community-based employment in an area of interest. In addition to assisting with finding work, the Employment Program can also assist youth in building coping skills, meeting their education goals, and accessing needed resources.


The Clinic Partners Program partners with SF youth mental health clinics to provide OT
(and sometimes psychotherapy and/or case management) to youth who have a
mental health diagnosis and Medi-Cal coverage. Services are youth-centered, and provided across a variety of community-based settings - school, home, clinic, community - according to each young person's needs and interests.

Girls Services

OTTP provides services to gender specific youth experiencing or at risk of juvenile justice involvement. OTTP collaborates with Hilltop High School to provide individual and group services to girls who are currently pregnant and/or parenting. These young women engage in occupational/vocational activities to increase self-awareness regarding their interests, values, strengths, and growth areas pertaining to personal, academic, relationship, and career goals.

Connective Services

The Connective Services Program provides occupational skills training and social and emotional learning for youth from four high schools: Wallenberg, Ida B. Wells, and Kipp College Prep.

Civic Center Secondary

The Civic Center Secondary School Program provides group and individual based OT services at SFUSD's transition middle/high school, ages 12-19. The program's focus includes consistent staff training to encourage client-centered, restorative-based communication and to increase group readiness and social-emotional literacy skills within a culturally responsive curriculum for the youth.